Blush & Blossom's Top Tips for the Morning of your Wedding

Whether you're having an intimate ceremony, or your wedding is a grand affair, There's something so very special about the morning of your wedding. You've done the hard part- the planning is done, and now you can simply enjoy your final morning as a miss, surrounded by your bridal party and your incredible bridal prep suppliers. To ensure you remain calm and collected, we've created a list of top tips, to make the absolute most of the morning of your wedding.

Don't even think about skipping breakfast!

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Although you may be feeling a little nervous, or it may be the last thing on your mind, its vital that you have some breakfast, as you won't have the chance to eat anything else until your Wedding breakfast. If your hair and makeup team are arriving early, take turns on bridal prep with your bridal party to ensure that everyone has a bite to eat. Besides, your breakfast is most likely included in your wedding package, so why waste it?! Remember, your wedding day will probably entail lots of champagne, toasts to the bride and groom and lots of celebratory drinks bought for you... so it's in everyone's best interest that the bridal party have a lovely breakfast to line their stomach before the big day begins.

Slip into something comfortable

When packing your bag for the morning of your wedding, make sure you've got something comfortable, loose fitting and photo appropriate to wear while getting glammed up. Whether you treat yourself to some bridal PJ's or a pretty new robe, make sure you're happy to be photographed in whatever you choose. Your photographer and videographer will be capturing the morning for you, so don't risk looking back on your photos with regret because you decided to wear a pair of unmatching pyjamas, full of holes, that you've owned for the past 5 years! Another tip with this is to wear something loose-fitting; this way, when your hair and makeup is complete, you don't have any added stress of smudging your lipstick or messing up your curls because you had to pull your t-shirt over your head!

Photography: David West Photography | Creative Director: Blush & Blossom Events
Photography: David West Photography | Creative Director: Blush & Blossom Events

Drink lots of water... sooner rather than later!

Make sure that on the run up to your wedding, and on the morning of the wedding, you drink lots of water. Drinking plenty of water helps the body to flush out toxins, while giving you healthier, tighter skin. It will also decrease your chances of a horrible hangover the morning of your wedding, so if you'll be enjoying all of those toasts, remember to drink plenty of water! However, that in mind, trips to the loo can be a pretty tedious task in a wedding dress... so make sure you drink your water sooner rather than later to avoid those difficult manoeuvres!

Turn your phone off and enjoy the moment

You have a photographer, a videographer, and your bridal party in the room, who will probably be taking lots of pictures while you're all getting glammed, so live in the moment, put your phone away and enjoy some special time with your bridal party. its all about you, so enjoy it.

Clean your engagement ring

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Since the day you've been engaged, you've had your beautiful engagement ring on your finger. So, if you haven't already, clean your engagement ring on the morning of your wedding.

Your wedding photographer will most likely be taking some close up shots of your ring, so make sure it's lovely and sparkly. While the correct cleaning method will vary for every ring, as a general rule, you can soak your ring for up to 30 minutes in mild dish soap and warm water, and then scrub it gently with a soft cloth or toothbrush.

Don't sweat the small stuff

You've chosen your suppliers, venue and bridal party for a reason- because you trust them. Your suppliers will now be working very hard on the morning of your wedding to ensure they complete their side of the contract, your venue has staff dedicated to making your day run smoothly, and your bridal party are there to keep you calm, collected and make sure you have everything you need. So enjoy the moment, and don't panic about things that you can't control. A wedding isn't a wedding without a little hiccup along the way, but no hiccup is ever worth stressing about when you're only a couple of hours away from marrying your soul mate.

Take a minute to yourself for self-reflection

Take a minute for reflection and take it all in. The hard work is done, you're glammed up and ready to go. You feel like a princess and after months or even years of planning, your special day is here. It's so important that you take a minute and reflect, take it all in and remember the sole reason why you're getting married. You're about to marry the person you love with all your heart, and today is about the two of you coming together as one. Take a deep breath, and enjoy every minute.

Photography: David West Photography | Creative Director: Blush & Blossom Events
Photography: David West Photography | Creative Director: Blush & Blossom Events

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