Burnt Ochre... is it the wedding colour for you?

The world feels very grey right now, and it can feel difficult to concentrate on anything other than the constant news updates and your social media pages regarding COVID-19. With so much doom & gloom going on in the world, let's take a second away from the news articles, and brighten up your week with a bright and bold wedding colour palette!

This week, we're concentrating on the bold and beautiful colour of burnt ochre!

Burnt ochre, often describes as terracotta, has been a popular feature in wedding colour palettes throughout the decades. It was extremely popular in the 70's, and is now making a major comeback. We're seeing it everywhere right now, from fashion shows to furniture... and its definitely becoming a big hit in the wedding industry.

How to use Burnt Ochre in your Wedding

Whether you're having a boho-chic inspired wedding, or a bold and beautiful colour scheme, there are endless possibilities to use it throughout your wedding colour palette. This stunning colour can be used as boldly, or as subtly as you wish. This is simply achieved with the colours you use to pair this shade of orange with. If you want a vibrant and exciting colour scheme, you can compliment it with shades of fuchsia, yellow and orange to create a stunning palette, reflecting a summer sunset. I have decided to compliment the colour with more muted tones to create a beautiful boho inspired theme, with elements of pampas grass, dried and bleached foliage.

Wedding Attire

If you have multiple bridesmaids, its often difficult to find a dress to suit every skin tone, hair colour and shape. Luckily, having a colour palette which has complimentary shades to your main colour means that there's a variety of colours to choose from. Whether you pick the best colour for each bridesmaid, or choose one colour that suits your bridal party, this really does open your options to ensure that everyone is not only happy, but comfortable in their wedding attire.

In regards to suits, this colour scheme allows the groom to be as creative as he wishes! He can either go brilliantly bold with a fashionable orange suit, or compliment his outfit with a pop of orange in his buttonhole.


With a beautiful colour palette, comes beautiful florals! Muted tones paired with a bold accent colour creates a stunning look for your guests to talk about forever! Burnt orange, blush and beige really is a match made in heaven, but remember, texture in your floral designs add that extra depth to your designs. Both grey-green, and bright green foliage compliments this colour palette, so the possibilities really are endless...

Accents and Accessories

If orange flowers aren't your thing, but you love the colour scheme, its time to talk about your wedding accents and accessories. The perfect way to add a splash of colour into your wedding is through your accessories, such as your table runners, chair sashes, bouquet ribbons and crockery. For an added element of colour, consider your wedding stationery to feature burnt orange- chances are, you've paid a lot of money for your table names, place cards, menus etc., so use this as an excuse to really embrace your colour scheme!

The list of possibilities, ideas and plans are endless with this colour scheme, I could go on forever! The most important thing though, is that you choose a wedding colour palette which you love, feel comfortable with, and feel confident to go the extra mile with. If you're a bride or groom who wants a WOW wedding, this may just be the colour for you. If you like what you see so far, check out the burnt ochre colour palette below, which was designed by me...

What do you think of burnt ochre? I'd love to know your thoughts... leave a comment down below!

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