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As of 4th July 2020, weddings which will be held in places of worship will be allowed to hold services of up to 30 attendees… good news or not so good news?

At this stage, it’s important to us as a Wedding Planning Service, to remain transparent and realistic about upcoming weddings in England, ensuring your safety is our, and your top priority. The Prime Minister has specifically used the term “places of worship” when referring to where a wedding can be hosted as we begin to ease on lockdown; there is no information which states wedding venues such as halls, marquee weddings or registry office weddings are to go ahead. Right now, we must assume in the absence of any further information, that weddings hosted by the wedding celebration, rather than the wedding ceremony, are not permitted to go ahead. In order to manage further disappointment by already heartbroken couples, its vital that us Planners, Wedding Suppliers, and other workers within the Wedding & Event industry who offer influence and guidance to Engaged couples do not use the most recent announcement from the house of commons to create false hope for our couples who have unfortunately already postponed, or due to be married in the coming months.

Right now, it’s clear that wedding celebrations, held in wedding venues, are not going ahead, but small, religious ceremonies are to begin again.

If you’re due to be married in the coming months within a church or another place of worship, please ensure that you are happy to fully commit to choosing 30 guests to share your day with. A small, intimate wedding can be a beautiful celebration between those closest to your heart, so if this is something you’re super excited about, great! Whilst this is great news, it is subject to a lot of limitations, so please bear this in mind before committing and leaving yourself, as a couple and a family, open to further disappointment. If you’d love to be married in the coming months, but you have a large family who would all love to be at your wedding, I would highly recommend to hire a Videographer for your special day. Having a videographer at your wedding means that your family members will be able to watch your wedding, hear your wedding vows, and celebrate your love. If you’re getting married in North East, I would highly recommend the following amazing videographers to record your special day: Abigail Grace, Scott Spock & Ko Films, Skytographer, Top Table Films.

Your wedding day is a celebration of your love, and coming together as a family. It’s about planning your dream day, and we want you to take in every second of enjoyment of your wedding day, soaking up the love and basking in the glory of your beautiful celebrations. If you’re due to be married, but don’t want to be limited to only 30 attendees, please don’t feel guilty about this. Your wedding day is about YOU. If you want your dream wedding, in your dream venue, surrounded by everyone you love, please do take the time to make your decision. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, don’t feel rushed, pressured or forced to now go ahead with your wedding plans, simply because you’re seeing on social media that “weddings of 30 are going ahead”.

Whatever you decide to do, we’re here for you. Whether you’re a current client, or a couple looking for some answers during these trying times, please know that I’m always available to offer my advice and support.

Whether you’re a supplier, an engaged couple, or simply came across my blog by chance, I’d love to know what you think about the recent updates on Wedding affected by Covid-19. Let’s have a chat in the comments!

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