Why do I need a Wedding Planner?

So... you're getting married!

First of all, congratulations on your engagement! Here at Blush & Blossom, we wish you and your fiancé a lifetime of love and happiness.

Planning your wedding is a fun and exciting time, with cake tasting, flower picking and lots of exciting meetings...however it can also feel daunting, with so many decisions to make, steps to take, contracts to sign and plans to finalise.

So, how can you make your wedding planning experience fun, whilst not having to deal with the legal and the boring stuff? Here are our top reasons to hire a wedding planner!


The myth about a wedding planner is that they're "just another added expense to your wedding" right?


A Wedding Planner is quite literally the opposite of this statement. We're here to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

We manage your budget, keep track of any upcoming payments, and make sure that you're sticking to your theme and colour palette, without getting too carried away. Sometimes, you need a wedding professional to tell you that you're spending too much money, that it's getting out of hand. Think of us as an investment. We help you create your dream wedding whilst remaining within your budget, saving you time and taking away the stress of contracts and terms and conditions. Your job? Cake tasting, champagne sipping and spending quality time with your fiancé!


We know who we can trust, whilst also knowing suppliers by their individual style and the way they work. Every couple is different, and every wedding is bespoke and unique. Your wedding needs suppliers who reflect you, and its your wedding planner's job to match your style and requirements with a best suited supplier, making a match as perfect as yours!


Your wedding planner works with you from the very beginning of your wedding planning journey. through

mood boards and look books, we draw together your style, theme and colour palette with you, creating your vision based on your likes & dislikes, interests and sentimentality through your representation as a couple. As a wedding planner, it's my job to use this knowledge and endure that all suppliers also see this vision, and work together creatively to construct it.


Planning a wedding can be stressful, as it takes a lot of time and effort, and can become a big responsibility on your shoulders to organise it. This is completely justified to feel this way... I mean, how do you juggle planning a wedding, while also having to think about your job, your bills, and your family?! On average, a UK Wedding Planner spends on average 200-250 hours per wedding, which equates to being a full time job. Thats a lot of hours!!


You don't know which cake to choose? You don't know when your invitations need to be sent out? You haven't received all of your RSVP's back in time? No need to worry!


If nothing else, your wedding planner is quite simply your wedding god-mother. we know the industry well, we know the local suppliers well, and we're always on the other end of the phone to offer guidance, advice and knowledge. Remember, weddings can bring out a different side of people. We're there to ensure that your wedding stays your wedding, and doesn't become a day centred around the mother in law who "paid for it, so deserves to choose". We're there to deal with the bickering bridesmaids, the interfering family, and to ensure that you're having your day, your way.


We want you to enjoy every minute of the planning process, but most importantly, we want you to take in every second of enjoyment of your wedding day, soaking up the love and basking in the glory of your beautiful celebrations. However, is it even a wedding if something doesn't go to plan? As your wedding planner, we're on hand to locate the missing bridesmaid, have contingency plans when your outdoor ceremony is hit with a summer storm, and keeping your divorced parents out of eye contact from one another. Your wedding planner ensures that all of these possible stresses don't happen- you may not even know that any problems happened, because we're there behind the scenes to make them go away.

Furthermore, your wedding can sometimes become too much about pleasing everyone else, and you both end up taking a backseat in the priority list. You're spending your days making sure that no-one is seated next to their ex, or that everyone gets in the wedding photo they wanted, or picking the colour of your bridesmaid dresses to suit your great-aunt, who only wants canary yellow because she's paying for them. I'm here to make sure that your day is, and remains about you, the celebration of your love, and your life together.


Remember, the reason you're getting married isn't for this big extravagant party, its to spend the rest of your lives together, and to devote your lives to each other. Sometimes, wedding planning can become so

overwhelming that it can consume the thoughts of the engaged couple. A wedding planner makes sure that you both get to enjoy the process, taking away the stress and bickering, and allowing you both to enjoy being engaged... reducing stress levels and increasing wedding harmony!

Do you have an upcoming Wedding, and in need of a planner?

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