Winter Wedding Luxe: Forest Green & Navy

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… so let’s talk Winter Weddings!

Whenever we think of Winter Weddings, we tend to think of whites and greys. It’s time to break the festive barrier, explore new colour palettes for your beautiful day. Today, we’ll be exploring the sultry colour scheme of navy and forest green, for a contemporary take on a Christmas Wedding.

Navy and forest green is everywhere you look at the moment- from interior design to Christmas decor. Why? Because it creates a warm and cosy atmosphere whilst remaining a very progressively modern colour scheme.

How to use Navy & Forest Green in your Wedding

This stunningly bold colour scheme is definitely one to watch, as it’s so adaptable. Winter Weddings will benefit more from a navy and forest green colour palette, as it pairs beautifully with romantic candle light and those dark and moody days of November and December! I’ve complimented these bold tones with various shades of green- because lots of varieties of foliage is a must!

Wedding Attire

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a major rise in forest green bridesmaid dresses, because it’s such a perfect colour to match every hair and skin tone. However, both navy and forest green are very flattering to all hair and skin tones, while also slimming to all body shapes, making it a very safe choice if you’re focusing on keeping your bride squad happy!

Grooms and groomsmen can be as creative as they wish with this beautiful colour scheme- go bold or go home I say! Although navy is a standard choice for many grooms, it’s always a very smart and sophisticated choice, which can be paired with a foliage focused buttonhole to tie in forest green. Fancy stepping out of your comfort zone a little? Forest green suits are very avant-garde, and gives the groom the wow moment he also deserves at his wedding. It’s not just about the Bride!


With a beautiful colour palette, comes beautiful florals! Muted tones paired with a bold accent colour creates a stunning look for your guests to talk about forever! Burnt orange, blush and beige really is a match made in heaven, but remember, texture in your floral designs add that extra depth to your designs. Both grey-green, and bright green foliage compliments this colour palette, so the possibilities really are endless...

Now, when it comes to your floral styling, this colour palette is allllll about the foliage! If you’ve chosen a Winter focused Wedding, you have to be more aware of the seasons when it comes to choosing your florals… certain flowers aren’t available, so if you’re desperate for hydrangea or peonies, maybe steer towards a Summer wedding.

With this in mind, use your chosen season to your advantage. An array of Winter foliage, such as eucalyptus, soft ruscus, jasmine, pine and spruce, can be arranged together to create breathtaking, forest green designs. Foliage bouquets can be perfected with long, trailing navy ribbons, giving it that added touch of luxury you’re looking for. To add an extra festive feel, pair your designs with lots of romantic candle light, pinecones or cinnamon sticks!

Accents and Accessories

If you’d like to add a metallic colour to your colour scheme, gold works beautifully with navy and forest green, and when applied, creates a whole new level of luxuriousness- especially when illuminated by your beautiful candle light. From gold wax seals and gold calligraphy on your invitations, to golden lanterns and candle sticks in your venue styling, it really does complete your overall design.

The use of textures and materials in your wedding styling, I believe, always makes your design excel just that little bit more. This can be done through table linen, coloured napkins, chair linen or floral arches, draped with textured fabrics, and it’s another way to make use of your gorgeous colour palette!

Final Verdict

Overall, this beautiful colour scheme reflects exclusivity and luxury, whilst remaining cosy and relaxed. It will wow your guests, yet bring the most luscious atmosphere to your wedding reception, and leave you wanting more. If you're a bride or groom who wants a WOW wedding, this may just be the colour for you. If you like what you see so far, check out our Forest Green & Navy colour palette below, which was designed by me...

What do you think of Forest Green & Navy? I'd love to know your thoughts... leave a comment down below!

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Image credit: All image links are available via my Pinterest Board- Winter Wedding Inspo

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